Meet Sarah


Who knows what first fueled my obsession with photography? I do always remember looking at my world as if I had a camera permanently attached to my eye. I would always be thinking, “that would make a great photograph!” and wondering if the rest of the world felt the same way. I definitely have a very creative side to me, which has always been best expressed through photography than in any other way.

Before becoming a mother, I would photograph scenery, buildings, nature, animals…But once I became a mother, that’s when it all took off!

I never realized just how fast children grow up and how, if you put your camera down for any extended period of time, you lose the chance to record a stage in your child’s life that will be gone forever.

As a mother, I found my niche with my photography. It became my way of documenting my children as they really are, right now, today. It became my desperate attempt to capture every little detail about their childhoods that they, and we, may ever want to look back on and remember.

As parents, we know that our children’s innocent days of childhood are far too fleeting, and as much as we want to cherish the moments we have with them, very often there are little things that we begin to forget with time.

{Like how our eldest daughter used to love to play with all the pots & pans in the kitchen and to eat mud from our houseplants. And how when she smiles, people have always said it takes over her whole face and lights up the room.}

{Or how our eldest son would always love to be out in the garden planting and digging, looking for bugs or worms and marveling at the world. And how when he laughs, his nostrils flare & it looks like the veins in his head may burst any moment and you can’t help but laugh with him…}

{Or how our youngest daughter reluctantly came on a family bike ride with us and then had so much fun, she refused to take her helmet off for the rest of the day. Or the time she decided to paint her entire body in orange dots. and the walls too. And the way she loves to wiggle her eyebrows to make us all laugh.}

{And then there’s our youngest son, The Baby. The most documented child of the whole family, with his own dedicated Project365 where i’ve catalogued every day of his life so far. Our delicious, nutty little professor who refuses to play with toys and just wants to figure out how stuff works. And then eat it.}

Thankfully, I have photographs to remind me of all of these memories for years to come.  We have the responsibility and the privilege as parents to record our children’s lives for them. One day when they are all grown up, these images will say to our children “I was there for you, you were important to me, I saw, I watched, I noticed, I cherished you and I have always loved you”

The same precious moments in time, the connections, the emotions that I capture in my children’s lives, I want to capture for you too. I will step inside your family, see what you see, catch it for you and tell your story too.