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  • Graduating school this year?! Read on...

  • Calling all Shministiot/Yud Bet!! Welcome to one of the most exciting times in your life! Your senior year of school!! But… With all of the joy of making it ALL the way through your school career, you are hit with so many unknowns! “Army or Sherut Leumi?” (Everyone you meet asks you that one, r[...]
  • Our Beautiful Life Project Round 2 - coming soon!

  • The week has drawn to a close and with it went the final days of the Our Beautiful Life Project Round 1! This was the very first group of the project and we were lucky enough to have 25 very special ladies from 6 different countries around the globe! It was a truly amazing experience; seeing thes[...]
  • Our Beautiful Life Project Starts next week!

  • The 'Our Beautiful Life' Online Smartphone Photography Course for mums is starting next week! We have an awesome group of women and it's going to be incredible.. You have just a few days left to sign up to this amazing online course and from now until November 8th, if you get a friend to sign up [...]
  • Yay! Blogging again!

  • Hurrah! Baby Buzzy is 7 months old now and has agreed to cut mummy some slack now and then so that she can return to work & blogging! Yay for Buzzy! More posts soon, just testing!...