Sarah Raanan Home page
Sarah Raanan Home page

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Helping brilliant, overwhelmed  entrepreneurs like you, to banish your hang ups, be real & feel good about showing up online.

👋🏻I’m Sarah Raanan and I’m a Brand Photographer & Instagram Coach.

🧠So many people seem to have got it into their heads that they have to show up to a photo session or show up online as someone else.

📢But listen to me!! That’s just ridonkulous. You don’t need to look at anyone else; you just need to show up as the real you. (Saying it louder for the people in the back)

👉🏻Watch the video to find out more…

You have landed safely on my homepage (a very warm welcome to you) and now it’s time to start looking around. Please make yourself at home, but know this – as your eyes scan across my website, I know that you will make a lightning-fast decision about whether you want to stay and scroll, or go back to Google and check out the next Personal Branding Photographer in your search results.

Your decision is largely based on your first impressions of the images I share with you (along with my witty & irresistible writing-style.) Your subconscious assesses how appealing you find the images shared here, whether you resonate with their vibe, and if you can see parts of your own personality reflected back at you. If you do, you’ll hang around for a closer look. If not, you’ll move onto someone else you feel is a better fit for you and your needs.

Well I’ve got a newsflash for you, Walter: Your potential customers do exactly the same thing (do I hear the sound of a lightbulb pinging?)

The images you share online play a vital role in the way your clients connect with you. Your visual brand is what catches their eye, stops them from scrolling past and brings them closer into your world to learn more about you and what you do. Being consistent & authentic in how you present yourself (your talents, personality, passions and nutty sense of humour) in both your visual and written content is what helps to keep them there.

Now, I want you to do something for me. Ready? Ok. Take a look at the photos of you that you currently use online.

Do you have an old, out of date branding headshot that you once thought made you look ‘professional’ but is actually completely at odds with your quirky personality? Were you captured wearing a power suit & heels when you really want to be showing up in DM boots & leopard print leggings?

Or maybe you really like how you look in that one photo your Uncle Martin took of you at the family BBQ 11 years ago and so you just use that on every social media platform (even if you’ve had to crop it to death to remove what looked like a fence post sticking out of your head?).

To be blunt – those photos aren’t helping your audience see and connect with the real you. In fact, they are probably having the opposite effect.

You are creative.

You are unique.

You are talented.

You are special.

My shoot with sarah was exceptional from start to finish. I adored seeing my Pinterest board of ideas and talking through our aims. On the day Sarah made is so easy to feel comfortable, and we had such a fun, chilled time. The images themselves are phenomenal; Sarah has a gift for really “seeing” her clients, and I was blown away by the results. Having the images has made it so easy to be visible, and everyone has been commenting on how amazing the shots are, and so “me”! I can’t recommend this awesome lady and her lens enough!

Jo Gifford

Loved my photo shoot with Sarah. I came to her as someone who was ‘allergic’ to having my photo taken, and she certainly rose to the challenge! Within about five minutes of meeting her it felt like being with an old friend, which naturally put me so at ease for the shoot. I loved her entertaining stream of questions to keep me animated during the shoot, resulting in a wonderful collection of relaxed happy photos! In just a few short hours we managed to capture a wealth of images that I’ve been able to use throughout my business.

Jessica Killingley