Before every Personal Branding Photography session starts, I will have sent my client a questionnaire to help me build a clear picture of each client’s wants, needs, visions and fears. It truly helps me to guide the session in the right direction. I don’t believe in guesswork.

One of the key questions I ask is this: “tell me about the photos you love most of yourself. What are they like? Why do you love them?”⠀

I keep the client’s answers in mind when setting up shots; to be more precise I keep the answers with me on my phone & I refresh my memory from time to time and try to guide them towards the shots and poses they will love, in the most organic way possible.

We had an incredible full day session & my client was so thrilled with the results. Here’s her testimonial:

“Sarah is not only a total professional but also has an amazing ability to get shots of you looking your best even when you may be feeling your worst! Brilliant work, gorgeous human, thank you 🙏🏻 xx”