I have a question for you:
Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car?
🤣 Kidding. What a dull question.
Here’s the real one:
🧠 Would you like to know the real, proven “secrets” to standing out online, banishing the Instagram Overwhelm & attracting the right kind of followers for YOU?!
No matter how many followers you gain, you want to reach more of your kind of people; you want raving fans who will eventually want to be your clients, right?
📢 But there’s a lot to learn & it can be overwhelming to try & tackle Instagram all alone, also right?!
Whether you are a complete Instagram novice (you don’t know your IGTV from your elbow), or you’ve tried using Instagram before without much success, keep on reading.
🗣After teaching other business owners how to use Instagram for the last few years, I noticed that there are more or less 5 types of Instagram users… so I put together a little quiz to help you work out which one you are.
**Oh and to save time, there’s only one question…**🤣
1) Which answer best describes how you use Instagram?
📌TYPE A: I dabble, posting a random selection of things with ALL the cringey hashtags #livingmybestlife #bossbabe #blessed
📌TYPE B: I ignore Instagram completely as I don’t understand it at all & it scares me.
📌TYPE C: I kinda expected followers and clients to come flooding in after my first post. They didn’t so now I’m sulking.
📌TYPE D: I spend way too much time faffing about on there, posting pictures of my coffee and trying to convince myself I am “networking.”
📌TYPE E: I recognise the value of the platform to my business but still find it overwhelming & feel like something is missing.
Ok confession time. It doesn’t really matter which type you are.
If you’ve got this far, it’s clear to me that:
⚡️You want to stand out
⚡️You want a clear plan
⚡️You want to banish the overwhelm
And guess what?! It’s time to make all of that happen!
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