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I am Sarah Raanan…

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I have 4 kids, a husband and a goldfish called Pig. And I love them all dearly. Though my kids may complain of some favoritism towards Pig now and then. Branding Photography

I’m a dreamer, an artist, a good listener, tech geek, bookworm, movie maven, music addict, wanderluster, lover of good cars and podcasts. We will never be stuck for conversation. Unless you want to discuss maths and running.

I’m also a Personal Branding Photographer based in Israel and I travel to London every quarter to work with my UK clients. I help camera-shy entrepreneurs introduce their brand story into the world in their own unique way. I offer an empowering, game-changing, collaborative photography experience for the misfit creatives, the rule-breaking small business owners and the change-making entrepreneurs!

Why am I so specific about who I serve?

Because I am one of you and you are one of me – the twin souls of a creative artist and an entrepreneurial business owner encapsulated into one convenient package! And like seems to attract like, so I end up with the joy of working with people who are just like me. Which is obviously totally marvellous!!

As small business owners, we have way more to deal with than the average “Joe 9-to-5”. We start out with the blind hope that everyone will like us and come flocking to what we have to offer, but then we realise that they don’t…

Our confidence takes a knock and we work harder, putting both our self-care and mental health to one side in our quest to find clients and actually make some money. The concept of work-life balance is a very distant pipe-dream and our nearest and dearest worry about us & subtly suggest quitting, as clearly this path isn’t working for us quite as well as a ‘real job’ would.

Oh, and then imposter syndrome kicks in and we try and be like everyone else we see who says they have the answer to success in the marketplace. We flit between buying all the shiny courses and tools as we think that will help, trying to be everywhere online, appealing to everyone and make everyone like us.

But none of that works like we think it should. Maybe we would be better just chucking the towel in, ignoring who we really are, and rejoining the masses in a ‘normal’ life?

about branding photography

I get it. I get all of it. I’ve been there myself more times than I care to admit. Branding Photography

The thing is, one of the biggest ‘secrets’ to success in your business lies in building real & lasting connections with the right people, your people, who will go on to become your customers. And one of the best ways to connect with them is to show up as you, warts & all.

My mission (and I did choose to accept it!) is to help you stop wasting time and money searching for the best way to show your audience who you are. Branding Photography

I’ve got you covered. Branding Photagraphy

I can see the real you, and I can capture that on (digital) film.
(Oh and my ice-breaker questions* are legendary; see below…)

I love nothing more than presenting you your own personal library of kick-ass images that show the world how awesome/quirky/enthusiastic/funny/all of the above you really are!

You want to know more, don’t you!? So let’s have a chat…

Sarah Raanan About Me

*It’s perfectly normal for me to ask you questions like “Would you rather be an amazing virtuoso at any instrument but only if you play naked or be able to speak any language but only if you close your eyes and dance while you are doing it?” Why? Mostly because it helps you forget the camera and just be you, but also partly because I am interested in ALL the random things…

When it’s time to go big in your business, you have to get brave and do things you’ve been putting off… like getting professional photos done.

I reached out to Sarah and gave her really helpful information like, “I have no idea what I need,” and “I like this one selfie I took once.”

Sarah was great. She guided me through the shoot, reminded me of the shots we should be sure to get, and was completely unfazed when my kids didn’t want to cooperate.

The photos completely capture the essence of my brand and who I am. People who see the pictures say things like, “I feel like I totally know you!”

Abbi Perets of Successful Freelance Mom

branding photography for abbi perets
Wow, wow & thrice wow.

As a self confessed camera shy man I have always been less than keen to get my pictures taken. That changed with Sarah.

Not only did she make me feel totally at ease but I actually enjoyed it, like really enjoyed it.

On top of all that, the photo’s are banging. Amazingly skilled woman.

If you need branding pictures done, look noooooooo further. She is right here.

Unless you actually like rubbish pictures, in which case Sarah is not for you.

I am a very happy chap, thank you.

Gareth Riddy of Gareth Riddy Movement Therapist

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