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  • Simon's Bar Mitzvah Tiyul To Masada - April 2017

  • Yesterday I had the very big honor of accompanying Simon & his family and friends on a tiyul to Masada. Of the top 394 photos from the day, I did not find it possible to narrow it down to just ONE image to post to Facebook. So, I shall tell the {abridged} story of the day instead..   [...]
  • Dream a Little Dream of Me....

  • So, I have a confession to make. I'm lazy with my blogging. It's a bit like when I come downstairs to a messy kitchen. I love it when the kitchen is tidy, and I even try looking at the mess for really long periods of time and using the power of my mind to focus & transform it, but there's only o[...]
  • Ahhh I can breathe again...

  • My last few sessions have given me a whole new lease of life. I've had quite a long break from photographing and have been easing back into things over the last few months but the pace is picking up now and i'm back where i feel I belong; behind the camera. Breathing again. I spend a lot of my ti[...]