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  • {The Freckles Project} "My freckles make me, me..."

  • When you take your passion and you turn it into a career, you are always running the risk of getting stuck in a rut. After years of doing the same thing, you can start to run low on creativity and risk going stale. So it's incredibly important for me that I don't ever allow myself to get stuck. I'm [...]
Summer modeling sessions – Part two
  • Summer modeling sessions – Part two

  • Ok, I really have to get on with blogging these sessions before these kids graduate university!! I have found that moving countries has really impeded my blogging, but I am finally beginning to settle in to some kind of routine and 'normal' life. So, back to this summer. My last 5 models were jus[...]
  • Summer modeling sessions - Part one

  • This summer was  crazy whirlwind of fantastic-ness! I do not remember a busier, more frantic time in my life. But when I look back on it now, I just smile. It was nuts, but all worth it in the end.. So, lets see - first there was a week of modeling sessions with my very talented friend Courtney M[...]