Dear Blog…

Dear Blog,

May I start by saying i’m sorry? I know it’s a while since i’ve been in touch. Sometimes I just need to take a break, dont take it personally. But I hope today’s post makes up for it. Pretty frames and everything :))

This session was back in September in the park. Love this first one so much.They were all loving and cuddling up close together for a whole 10 seconds….

(Sometimes i try and explain to kids that its so important to me that they squash up close together so that none of their limbs get cut off at the edge of their image, but they just look at me funny. Cant imagine why..)

I think we were discussing which member of the family has the smelliest feet when I took this one of Zak…perhaps i’ll keep the answer to myself? 🙂

Etti thoroughly enjoyed posing and twirling for the camera; she could have had a whole session just to herself! I love her eyelashes in the second image

We had to be very cunning with Dan to get him to stay still when it was his turn but we pulled it off and totally captured his spicy spirit

Oh Hila. She is just so yummy-liscious but was feeling a little pensive that day, but still beautiful as always

These next images are some of my faves from the session; natural and funny, they just make you smile

Love these of the beautiful mama and baby….

The family portrait. Needs to be blown up to a large canvas over the fireplace IMHO 🙂And lastly, mum & dad. So nice when couples actually request to have their photo taken together, it’s so important to remember to have  photos with your spouse once in a while!

Thanks guys for a great session! Looking forward to seeing your house decorated by your beautiful images…

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