“Every time I close my eyes I see my name in shining lights”…

I was really looking forward to my session with this family, and they didnt disappoint me! I knew this was going to be a high energy session (so much so that I took a little nap in the afternoon to recharge!) and that I would have full permission to use the images on my blog/Facebook/marketing materials, the more exposure the better!!

So here you are Goffsteins, shining lights, fame, the lot…

This is one of my favourites – I think its such a great capture of Suzy and Joyce’s personalities..

Hard to believe that this girl thinks that I need to work on her images in Photoshop – Joy is incredibly photogenic and I haven’t TOUCHED this image!! and I will not be doing ANY Photoshop work on her. As Kellie Pickler sings “dont you know youre beautiful!?”

I love this one of Danny; the quiet, pensive one of the bunch (there had to be ONE!!) Love the freckles and that incredible auburn hair!

Eyal – he just couldnt wait to get into the water! he was so comfortable in front of the camera, quite a ham, but I really like this candid capture of him while he was in the middle of talking…BTW, seriously good hair genes going on here Suzy!!

Leo, the Cheeky Chipmunk as Suzy called him, caught him mid refill whilst blowing bubbles on the beach at sunset {sigh – can I just add that I love my job?}

This group photo went ridiculously well!! no-one killed each other or walked off in a strop. Love it in black & white!

Ok, lastly, I know my friends will make fun of me for saying this, but this has to be my new favorite sibling image! Do you know how hard it is to get everyone together, happy, smiling, looking at me and looking good!?! I’m so proud of this one…

Had a great time guys – when we doing it all again?! 🙂

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