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When I started using Instagram back in 2011, it was a cutesy hipster app for adding pretty filters to photos. It has grown into one of the most powerful & dynamic marketing tools on the planet.

BUT it can also be totally overwhelming to try and get the hang of allllllll the features. 

So, if you find yourself drowning in Instagram Things that you still don’t understand, do not fear. I have spent (way too many) hours online, figuring out how to master the basic & the advanced features, such as:

Filling out your bio properly

Finding your vibe & sticking to it

Planning your content

Using hashtags properly

Creating Instagram stories

Posting videos to your grid

Being genuine and sociable

Finding new connections

Using IGTV

Whether you are just starting out, or you’ve been using it for a while but would like to learn some new tools, save yourself hours of YouTube tutorials & sobbing into your pillow in despair & sign up for private training with me!

Here are some happy campers who recently took classes with me: ( i think I should use screenshots here instead of typing out the quotes, what do you think?)