Little Princess Noa

Phew! It’s been a long time away from my desk. I haven’t blogged since June; where did the summer go!? I made a decision this year that most of July and August would be dedicated to my kids, with as little iphone and computer time as possible. I am proud to say that I have stuck to it and as a result, have had such a great summer with them.

The flip side of that of course is that now I am back to work, I have a pile of orders to get through and 9 session booked so far within the next four weeks. Time for me and my camera to get re acquainted 🙂

So, before I start blogging August sessions, i have to just play catch up and add this newborn session from July

Isnt it crazy; she was just a week old here and already I could see family resemblances in her face…

What a doll hey? She was so good. I schlepped her about a lot but she just stayed sleepy…

I just had to include this ‘leaf’ image, hilarious! Not only will this little princess have two big brother fiercely protecting her but she can also count on her daddy, who is already worrying about her modesty and went to grab this leaf to make sure she was suitably covered up! 🙂

(She found it funny too :))

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