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Sarah took my dream and made it into a reality. She captured such special, beautiful moments. I highly recommend her!
Naomi E

In a day and age when many people consider themselves ‘photographers’ thanks to the help of apps, photo filters, etc… finding someone who is a true talent is still a rare gem.

Sarah Raanan is an artist. Her understanding of composition, lighting, and processing make her a technically excellent photographer. But it’s her kind, gentle, patient, and non-aggressive manner which make her stand out from the rest.

I had the pleasure of having Sarah do a family photo shoot for us several years ago. My three young children were at ease and smiles came naturally. Each one of my kids’ personalities shines through in the final products.

Several years later, I had the honor of having Sarah shoot my son’s bris. The pictures tell such a story, and mean the world to me, as no grandparents were able to attend the simcha. They were, however, able to experience this lifecycle event through the wonderful and emotion-filled photos.

Sarah Raanan does not simply take pictures. She captures moments and memories to cherish forever.

Lauren S

We wanted to do a family photo shoot and we knew we wanted Sarah since we have seen her work before. Little did we know how truly amazing she was. Turns out due to the new technology of phones and cameras our one year old son was afraid of an actual camera. Sarah was very patient and despite him crying almost every time she tried to take a picture, we got amazing photos! We will definitely be using her for our next family photos.

Iris O

“We had a great family portrait session with Sarah Raanan. She was professional and made the kids comfortable. We did the shoot right at home, but she made it look like a great location. We were thrilled with the results. Sarah also did a creative slideshow for my daughter’s bat mitzvah and was a pleasure to work with and did not get annoyed at my last minute additions!”

Sarah S

We had a gorgeous photo shoot with Sarah on the beach and couldn’t be happier with the results. The whole experience from the initial contact to book the shoot, through to getting the photos through was flawless and prompt. She helped us with advice about location and colour schemes and went out of her way to accommodate all our needs. The shoot itself was relaxed and fun and the kids enjoyed every second of it. We played in the sand, climbed rocks, splashed in the sea, collected rocks, and the whole morning was captured perfectly by her. I would definitely recommend Sarah, she is a fabulous photographer and has given us gorgeous images to enjoy for a long time.

Emma H

Sarah was such a pleasure to work with. She helped with everything from the scheduling to the wardrobing. She was so easy going and relaxed behind the camera that the kids felt really comfortable with her right from the start. She was able to relate to all three of my kids (ages 1-7) on their own levels and truly understood what made them tick. The images that we got from the session were incredible! Because of her casual style, everyone looks exactly as they do in “real-life” not stuffy and uncomfortable as in many posed picture. We look forward to meeting up with her when we are in Israel next!

Leiah M

Our experience with Sarah could not have been any better.  She has the perfect combination of creativity, professionalism, and the ability to relate to children, that makes her the ideal family photographer. The kids had a great time on the photo shoot, and Sarah was able to capture some really beautiful moments on film – no easy feat with three active children! We are always getting compliments on the beautiful photos that hang in our home, and would recommend Sarah, without hesitation, to anyone looking for a first rate photographer.

Miriam M

As always, Sarah is a pleasure to work with!! Her patience, creativity and professionalism reflect through her work. She obtained gorgeous shots of my children while capturing the essence of their personalities. Her flexibility and easy going nature kept all four of my children entertained throughout the shoot.

Gitty E

Working with Sarah was a fantastic experience. She immediately connected with my children by sitting with them on the grass, blowing bubbles.  They were so busy having fun and laughing with Sarah and didn’t even seem to realize they were being photographed.    She took wonderful candid shots and really captured my children being themselves. Thank you Sarah!

Becky W

Sarah’s pictures captured those fleeting moments when you just wish you had a camera handy.  Our kids were so comfortable because they were simply doing the things they love to do instead of posing and being forced to smile.  Because of this, all the pictures were so natural, expressive and showed our kids’ true personalities.  Anyone with a camera can shoot a picture, but Sarah hones in on the magic in each person and the end result is a treasure.  We are so thrilled that we decided to do this – and the final products were beyond our expectations.

Danielle T

Working with Sarah Raanan was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Her creativity, talent, patience and professionalism create a final product that is truly priceless. She captured the essence of my children at play and provided me with keepsake photographs that take my breath away each and every time I look at my album. Simply brilliant work!!!

Shirley B

Watching Sarah makes it seem like photographing kids is the easiest thing in the world. She makes it fun and facilitates and captures the most joyous wonders of childhood.

Jordana S

Family life is so busy, time flies by between photo shoots.  Luckily, the moments Sarah captured are now forever part of our family history.  It is almost impossible to remember how my son’s freckles dotted his nose just so at the end of the summer, but that special sepia tone photo brings it all back.  My son is growing up and his baby teeth are almost gone, but in the photos his young smile is a memory that I can always treasure.  The impish looks, the cranky frown – Sarah managed to photograph so much of his personality that even my husband asked for another session soon!  He said the photos of the children were his favorite gift.  I wanted the photos for me, and didn’t realize how happy the other family members would be to receive these original photos of our children in action.   I have worked with many other photographers, but Sarah has a truly unique touch.  She brings out the glowing beauty of each child in the most natural way, and the photos are imbued with their personality and spark.

Elizabeth D

My hubby and I are rubbish in front of the camera and baby was in a particularly grouchy mood so we were what you would call a ‘challenge’, to say the least.
Sarah created a very relaxed environment for us and was very patient with our gorgeous grouch-bag (one of the many benefits of working with someone who has 3 kids I suppose). The session turned out to be fun, totally painless for hubby and the photos we ended up with a treasure! Thank you Sarah.

Hayley L

In the fashion business, I work with models and photographers every season. It can be quite a production and it is my job to be critical of every shot. Naturally, given the subject matter, I expected to be even more particular when reviewing Sarah’s proofs of my daughter. I was amazed! The biggest challenge was finding a picture I didn’t like. Sarah clearly has a passion and a gift for capturing the ‘moment’.

Dan B

Sarah, thank you for capturing our beautiful baby’s first milestones. From even before she came into this world, your creativity and art captured our love for her through my maternity shots just before we met her. As we approach Shani Noa’s 2nd birthday next week- I want to thank you for capturing the joy of this incredible personality, the utter cuteness of her gestures and expressions and the treasures you have given us to keep . From when she was born, to her first tooth and smile, to her first dress-up to her first upright sit, culminating in the absolutely awesome cake smash on her birthday- wow!!! You got it all. Your fun loving methods, care and passion for what you do together with your professionalism makes you an awesome portrait photographer and we are so grateful for the memories you caught for us that will always be in our hearts and are now on our walls too.

Andi S

Sarah took the pictures for my proposal and it was amazing! She was in contact with we me from the start and made sure everything went perfectly! The pictures came out beautifully and I’d totally recommend her services to a friend!
Shlomo W

It was our first ever simcha in Israel, both after making Aliyah and for our eldest daughter…it was a beautiful Friday in February…I sent Sarah to photograph everything; from the balloons at the kiddush, to the balloons in the apartment set up for our family shabbat meals. Then, I sent down the batmitzvah girl to the garden as she was ready, and she could have her photo shoot all to herself, before all the relatives gathered….those photos came out just beautifully – Sarah Raanan really captured her gorgeous smile and laugh, and the garden in the background provided a gorgeous backdrop…then we all descended and Sarah dutifully snapped away..the photos were fun and gorgeous and Sarah made everyone so relaxed that we all finished early. We subsequently had so many photos, we still haven’t made an album!
Andi S

Sarah is so relaxed and a natural behind the camera! She makes taking beautiful photographs look so easy. An unobtrusive presence at a simcha, I’m always surprised by the beautiful candid shots in the selection. They perfectly capture the kids’ personalities and elements of the party that we were too busy to notice at the time.

Judy E

Sarah Raanan is awesomely talented but is also a lovely person to be around – the results of which come through in every photo shoot she does! We had the treat of Sarah photographing our newborn who was just days old at the time – capturing those fleeting, precious moments. We then used Sarah again for a family shoot on the beach – not only did we get amazing photos of each and every one of us but we had a ball! Finally Sarah photographed our extended family – grandparents and all 6 of their grandchildren (there has since been a 7 so we will be “forced” to go back to Sarah for an update!). We have a host of wonderful memories to look back on and smile at, thanks to Sarah!

Harriet F

Sarah did our bar mitzvah portraits with over 50 people on a very hectic Friday afternoon. She was calm and patient with all of the various personalities and was totally time efficient even when we made her wait for certain accessories that had to be included. The pictures came out amazing-I tell people she took not such great looking people and made us look stunning!

Rina S

After the birth of my fourth child we wanted to have pictures taken to capture our now complete family. Sarah took us to a beautiful park and we just had fun. She joked and chatted to the kids, each in their own age appropriate way, keeping them comfortable and relaxed. We lay down, climbed trees, jumped around and Sarah’s photographic experience and skills captured the most incredible shoots of us individually and as a family. The light, colours and variety of the shots were amazing. She is a truly talented photographer with unique ideas which enables her clients to get something different and beautiful every time!

Kerry R

Sarah took pictures of my one and a half year old son and got unbelievable shots from my “cant sit still” toddler! Her hands are pure magic!

Pnina Y

Sarah was so helpful and accommodating from start to finish (scheduling, the actual photo session and selecting pictures). She took numerous amazing pictures of our children, so much so that we couldn’t decide which ones to keep! Her easygoing personality makes it an absolute pleasure to work with her! Sarah’s pictures are truly one of a kind.

Rina S

I was so thrilled to work with Sarah, who captured the beautiful essence of my 3 week old baby boy. She spent over 2 hours with us during the photo shoot (to allow for numerous changes, feedings, and baby messes!). She showed a tremendous amount of patience with us and somehow captured over 60 great proofs despite the baby’s crying and messing throughout the shoot. The hardest part for us was deciding which pictures to buy, since there were so many fabulous shots. We just got our pictures back and have received too many compliments to count. I highly recommend Sarah and can’t wait to take the whole family for a shoot with her soon!

Robin S

Working with Sarah Raanan was an amazing experience, she really put my children at ease and was patient and professional throughout. I love the pictures she took and wanted to order them all. If you have the opportunity to work with her take it. Her work is amazing I am so happy with the pictures of my twins so natural and not at all ‘posed’. 

Deborah B

I was thrilled to meet Sarah about a year and half ago.  I saw her work and asked her to do holiday photo shoot for my children.  To this day, people still comment on how wonderful my pictures were in 2007.  She captured the true essence of my children and a moment in our lives that I treasure.  I have tried other photographers before and was never as happy with their work.  When our third child born I knew I wanted her to document his first year.  We have done 3 and 6 months but I can’t wait for 9 months.  She can work with all age ranges and I love her print options.  If you every need a referral please feel free to contact me.  I have nothing but the best things to say about Sarah!

Jennifer E

Sarah is a true artist. Her ability to capture on film feelings and expressions which lie deep in the heart–creates photos to be treasured a lifetime.

Jennifer E

I hate pictures of myself. Hate them. Always have.
I smile funny and you can never feel the warmth of my personality through them. I knew that for my business venture I’d need headshots. I was dreading it.
Sarah sat with me and listened. Listened to all my fears, and concerns and didn’t try to make me feel like I was crazy. I gave her a list of ‘features that I hate’ and she wrote them all down, never irritated at my obvious ‘attitude problem’.

The photo shoot was easier than I expected. Sarah understood my inhibitions and managed to make me comfortable enough to even smile in a few.
But most important – the pictures. I don’t know how she did it, but she captured me. Not the me from my wedding photos, or the me from family holidays. The real me. I can look at the pictures and enjoy them. Sarah was patient and understanding when going through the photos and never got frustrated at my lack of enthusiasm or inability to see what she saw.
Her aim was for ME to enjoy my pictures, and I do. Each time I look at them, I get the same feeling of satisfaction.

I would recommend her to anyone who needs a proffessional, warm and understanding photographer.
Next stop: Family Portraits!

Claire L

We had never had professional photos done of our family. In fact, we hadn’t had any done since our wedding 12 years ago (and didn’t much like those!). When our youngest was born, friends gave us a session with Sarah as a gift. We were so excited! She had a lot of hype to live up to…! Sarah was incredibly patient, every step of the way – from helping us to choose outfits, to following our 5 year old around the park as he posed and called out ‘take a photo of me doing this….!’, to helping me find the right position to hang the photos on my wall. A real package deal.. and of course, we are absolutely delighted with our pictures!

Judy E

Our session with Sarah changed the way I look at professional photography. From the planning and guidance before the session, to the amazing day of , followed by the beautiful results and help choosing and designing our canvas, our experience was nothing short of fabulous! Sarah captured our family with her well trained eye and gentle manner, she put us at ease in front of the camera and captured memories for a lifetime. We can’t wait for our next session! Thank you!

Shari T

Working with Sarah was great! she made my son feel comfortable right away with the use of props (bubbles and jelly beans!!) her casual, urban take on photography is amazing! Her editing skills enhance the already unique photos. I ordered an entire book of all the pictures because one was not enough. And now i have a priceless collection of the entire shoot! thank you Sarah!

Amy B