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“If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.” Helmut Newton

As your photographer, I will connect with you, understand precisely what it is you need and work with you in a fun, relaxed and easy manner.

Together we will tell your story …

You’ve probably noticed that ‘Personal Branding’ is a big buzz-word at the moment (it’s about as popular as the ‘floss’ dance, though I’m very much hoping that ‘flossing’ will just go away, quickly) Entrepreneurs & small businesses everywhere are investing big-time in their ‘brand image’, quickly realizing that ir’s not just Coca-Cola & Nike that ‘do’ branding & that good branding goes so much further than a pretty logo and a swanky business card. The images you display online play a vital role in defining your brand and the way that your clients connect with you. (And there’s every chance that the one photo your Uncle  Steve took of you at the family reunion BBQ 8 years ago, just isn’t helping you make those connections.)

So, what is personal branding photography?


Whether we like it or not, we all make very quick decisions about people that we follow online; there’s so much content to consume it can make our heads spin. So, we scroll and we skim, we find it hard to focus and rarely finish reading articles (are you still with me?)

We form our first impressions at lightning speed & decide if we want to stay & read or scroll on past. Well did you ever think about the fact that the same goes for your profile picture. We are visual creatures and we make (often subconscious) decisions about people based on the quality & appeal of their profile images. If you’re on Instagram, that decision is made by looking at a tiny image, smaller than a penny!

Every image that you post online, every blog post that you write, contributes to how your followers will relate to you. Your branding ultimately reflects your personality, talents, opinions & passions in life.

Those of us who are striving to build up a strong & successful personal brand, are aiming to be authentic; to be different & unique, to provide our followers with valuable, engaging content and to nurture genuine relationships and dialogue. Your images are a crucial part of your branding strategy and you want them to make an impact, to be authentic, unique and engaging! You want the person that they meet in real life, to be the person that they connected with online.

Why do I need professional photos?


(“I have a phone, what do I need you for?!”)

Consistency in branding is vital.

How we portray ourselves visually to our potential clients – through our branding colors, fonts, designs and images – is what ensures that we are continually recognizable on a visual level.

You need to stand out online, you have to be consistent. You want people to see you, connect with you & remember you. How successfully can you do that by taking a selfie? And that old, stuffy, cropped-to-death headshot you had taken years ago is getting a bit old & tired, isn’t it? It doesn’t express the many facets of your personality, your talents, your enthusiasm, your sense of humor.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ready-to-use bank of unique images to dip into every time you need a fresh image for your latest post? Wouldnt it be fantastic if you could let go and show your audience the real you, in all your glory & with extra quirks included?!

Working with me, a personal branding photographer who understands how it all works, will reinforce your brand image, help you to connect with your clients and enable you to stand out from the crowd. I know what goes into this process, I understand where you are coming from and the fears that hold you back from doing this (I’ve been there too!). There’s really no concern you can throw at me that I haven’t already tackled. Not only this, but I guarantee you that I will save you time, money, and mistakes when you work with me. it’s just up to you to decide that now is the time to invest in yourself.

Where would I use the images?


Here’s a few ideas for you! Ready?….Your website, Social media platforms, newsletters and e-blasts, press releases, event announcements, new offerings, to refresh your profile photo regularly, sales/landing pages, your bio for speaking engagements, printed material, marketing pieces, business cards & Podcasts ….

Personal branding photography is about authentically telling YOUR story to your potential & current clients;  it’s about recognizing & honoring the best of you and what you have to offer.

Your images will show your audience what you do, how you do it, what makes you unique and what it really feels like to work with you. Before that first phone call or meeting, your clients will understand who it is they are connecting with.

It’s time to put yourself out there – to be visible, to make connections, to build communities & relationships based on trust and to proudly represent your amazing business. Let’s get to work!




About Me



I am Sarah Raanan and I’m the owner of Sarah Raanan Photography, specialising in Personal Branding Photography & Family Portraits. I live in Raanana, Israel and am married with 4 kids and an insane goldfish.

I’m a dreamer, an artist, a great listener, tech geek, book worm, movie maven, travel addict, lover of good cars and podcasts. We will never be stuck for conversation. Unless you want to discuss maths and running.

I’m also really good at getting to the bottom of what my clients want from their sessions and what their biggest fears are when booking a session. It usually goes something like this:

“I can’t do this. I’m not a poser; it’s just not ‘me’ to do this kind of thing!” (you and almost every single client I have worked with—I hear you.) We will plan your session with your comfort & needs in mind, don’t you worry.

“I’ve seen your work. Everyone looks so confident and gorgeous. My photos won’t be like that.” (Yes they will! Your images will be so ‘you’; more natural and ‘you’ than you have ever looked before.)

“I don’t know what to wear! And what about my hair?! And make up??” (We will work on your clothing choices together via Pinterest & email. If you’d like to have your hair and make up done too, I can help you arrange that).

“ I can’t afford to spend money on photos; I’ll just use my phone” (selfies are fine for a while but at some point you need to make the decision to invest in your business brand, and branding is not all about having a pretty logo. Your images speak volumes about you & your business. Plus we can talk payment plans so you don’t have to pay all at once.)

Feel better now? Great! Now we have that sorted, let’s get moving!

See the ‘work with me’ section for all the info on what to do next, or click below to book in a consultation and learn more.

Work With Me


“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

Alfred Stieglitz

My personal style is not for everyone; some people would rather just turn up for a session, get it done, go home & get their photos a few weeks later, end of story.

I work differently. I am focused on the client’s experience, on customer service and the personal touch. For me, it is a creative process, a collaboration and I work efficiently with enthusiasm and connection.

I want to know who the person or family I’m photographing is; what’s their story? the family dynamics, personalities. I want to understand as much as I can about the people I am photographing so that I can walk into the photo session with my toolbox already full and ready to go.

That’s why I schedule a quick ‘Work With Me’ call with each prospective client; to make sure we are a good fit and both on the same page.


Click the ‘WORK WITH ME’ button below to schedule a time for our video call.


We’ll meet via video chat to discuss your vision for the session, any must have images, expectations, past experiences and generally see if we are a good fit.


Once we decide to move forward, we’ll get the paperwork signed, sort out your deposit and get busy planning!

My shoot with sarah was exceptional from start to finish. I adored seeing my Pinterest board of ideas and talking through our aims. On the day Sarah made is so easy to feel comfortable, and we had such a fun, chilled time. The images themselves are phenomenal; Sarah has a gift for really “seeing” her clients, and I was blown away by the results. Having the images has made it so easy to be visible, and everyone has been commenting on how amazing the shots are, and so “me”! I can’t recommend this awesome lady and her lens enough

Jo G

Sarah has an amazing ability to relax you and bring out your personality. The zoom call before the shoot is even booked is a great touch and really helpful. I’m not a natural poser to be honest it makes me feel uncomfortable however I really enjoyed the shoot and am really happy with the results. Thanks Sarah!

Neil J

I recently did a ‘Headshots’ session with Sarah for my Event Planning business. Not only is she a pleasure to deal with, she is also utterly professional and an incredibly talented photographer. Before the session we built a vision together of how we wanted the shots to look, carefully thinking through wardrobe choices, props and appropriate locations. Sarah’s advice was invaluable. The session itself was fun and I felt completely relaxed being photographed (which I never thought I would!) and when the edited pictures came through (the next day!) I was blown away. There were so many nice ones to choose from. Thank you Sarah!

Debbie N

Sarah took fantastic photos of our 3 kids as a surprise present for my wife’s 50th birthday. We didn’t have much time with one boy in the army, but she slotted them into a half hour photo shoot and the results were incredible. It’s one thing being a brilliant photographer, but it’s quite another to find somebody who is so professional, enthusiastic, and really great to work with – Sarah made it easy for me, and fun for my kids. Money well spent – and that’s high praise indeed coming from a Yorkshireman.

Edwin F

Sarah is my go to photographer both for family shots as well as my business headshots. 8 years ago, she did a shoot with me and my boys that STILL proudly hangs prominently on my wall as the most cherished memories and just last month, she did an epic shoot for my website and marketing materials that utterly blew me away. Her gift is capturing not only the moments but the essence of you and how you want to portray yourself. I highly recommend anyone to work with Sarah- she’s kind, intuitive and an utter wizard with her camera! My only issue is there are always so many perfect shots to choose from- best ‘problem’ to have! Thank you Sarah cannot wait until next time!

Shari T

My fiancé and I recently did a photoshoot with Sarah Raanan. I am not exactly the photoshoot type of guy, so naturally I was unsure what to expect. Sarah was warm, funny, enthusiastic, and made the photoshoot very enjoyable. She was very creative, and has a keen imagination of how every photo will turn out. I was blown away with how the pictures turned out, and her love of photography really shines in every photo. The photos looked beyond incredible, and I would highly recommend her!

Jeremy T

Working with Sarah (for the 3rd time!) was great! She was on time, professional and really cared to take the time to get the photos we wanted. Sarah is so easy to work with. We wanted beach pictures. So she got to the location in advance, looked around and found the perfect location for our shoot. Everyone had fun and felt comfortable. I now have amazing images to remind me of our beach vacation in Israel forever!!

Amy B

I can’t stop looking at the pictures Sarah took at my son’s bar mitzvah and the incredible slideshow that she created! A miracle-worker who took the millions of pictures that I sent her and found the right ones to use – highly highly highly recommend!!

Emily K

Very talented photographer makes posed shots look natural. Fun and chilled to work with – no stress and no drama and delivers a great product quickly. Highly recommended!

Emily P

When I turned up to our shoot I’d seen Sarah’s work, met her via Zoom (and various places on Facebook) and had heard lots of good things about her but wasn’t really sure what to expect on the shoot itself or what I’d get out at the end. If I’m honest I wasn’t overly sure what I wanted, I just knew what I didn’t want – which probably made Sarah’s job even more tricky. The whole experience was great fun – I just did what I felt like doing – talked, drank coffee, wrote, read, waved my arms around…whatever – while she snapped away. The best photos were definitely the ones that I didn’t know she was taking at the time. The end result was awesome – very ‘me’ and 100% what I wanted. I can’t wait to do another shoot when she’s in England next time

Kirsty S

Thanks for the magnificent album Sarah. With 48 hours notice and maximum pressure, you were unflappable !!! Not only did you make sure we all had a good time at the photo shoot but you also put together the album on Noa’s dreams. Thanks for everything

Greg N

In one hour Sarah was able to capture a series of amazing photos the truly describes who we are as a family. She also has a phenomenal eye for composition and photo editing as well. Professional, creative, and patient. thumbs UUUUUUP!

Mordy R

Today I had a personal branding shoot with Sarah. Wow! Such fun. Such an eye for composition, seeing good shots I didn’t think of. Would hire her again (also her talking to herself or her camera is highly amusing..)”

John C

We had a wonderful photo shoot with Sarah – she was helpful, patient and great with the kids and we love the final pictures! Thanks Sarah – it was fun!

Alastair G

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“You’re always in business. The business of being you.”

Danielle Murrell