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Ok, I really have to get on with blogging these sessions before these kids graduate university!! I have found that moving countries has really impeded my blogging, but I am finally beginning to settle in to some kind of routine and ‘normal’ life.

So, back to this summer. My last 5 models were just delicious!! Missy ‘N’ and Missy ‘T’ (who are sisters by the way) had so much fun in the studio frolicking on the bed, while I experimented with new lighting set ups. I was really thrilled with the results..

0906_Gersons June 2009_0220906_Gersons June 2009_0450906_Gersons June 2009_065

This next session I had the pleasure of working with twin models! Miss ‘Y’ and Mr ‘I’ could not have been more different though – Miss Y was having a ball, twirling around in her pretty skirt, showing us her ballet moves, while Mr I was being a little shy (until we brought out the chocolate chip muffins! :))

Have had a hard time choosing which ones to show – I got so many great expression from these two…

0906_ Blaiberg June 2009_015

0906_ Blaiberg June 2009_054

0906_ Blaiberg June 2009_066

0906_ Blaiberg June 2009_077

Our final modeling session took place at the home of Miss ‘S’ – once i saw her fabulous pink and white candy striped walls, I knew I just had to come photograph there! We experimented with flash and natural light, and even though it was a pretty over cast day (like much of June-August in NJ this year!), we still got some adorable shots of Miss S and her scrumptious smiles….

0906_Sydney Schwartz June 2009_028

0906_Sydney Schwartz June 2009_083

0906_Sydney Schwartz June 2009_109

Thank you to all my fantastic models – I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of you.  I look forward to catching up with you all on future visits to NJ!!

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