SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY TIP NO.1 (let’s see how long it takes me to forget what number tip we are up to & screw up 🤣)

So, this summer you are coming along for the ride with me, to see how I use this time of year to stock up on photos for my image library.

I keep my eye out for images that could come in useful for a future blog post, FB post, image header, banner, advert etc etc

Try & think about the kind of things that you tend to write about; what subjects do you often find yourself searching for on stock photo sites? Keep these in mind when you are out & about on your adventures.

Anyway, my first tip for you is this – create a special file/folder for your stock images on your phone (mine is called ‘STOCK’. I know, brilliant, right?)

Every time you take a new photo that you want to store for your image library, make sure to copy it over to this folder on your phone ( and to back it up in at least one other place elsewhere).

This will save you so much time in scrolling through to find the images when you eventually want to use them, that you will actually bless me.