When I’m teaching iPhone photography to business owners, I always stress the importance of getting in front of the camera or taking selfies.⠀⠀
This is usually followed by a big groan and lots of whining.⠀⠀
The main objection is always along the lines of “Isn’t it a bit much/narcissistic to post photos of myself?!”⠀⠀
We then go on to discuss the importance of professional branding photos (obvs) and of combining this with some really good selfies. Because ‘The Face’ behind the company really needs to get used to being seen now & then.⠀⠀
This doesn’t mean you need to turn into a narcissistic pain in the arse who can’t pass by a toilet mirror without taking a photo {#blessed #livingmybestlife} But the images you use on social media speak volumes about you & your business. So, if you aren’t putting yourself out there and showing your face every so often, people will be drawing conclusions about what that means, or even worse, just failing to connect with you because they haven’t put a face to the name.⠀⠀

So with that in mind, here are 3 really simple but really useful tips for you! Grab the chance while the weather is gorgeous and hopefully you are out exploring new places this summer:⠀

1. Locate the lens and look right at it!⠀⠀
2. Get some light in your eyes; if you look closely you’ll see lovely white reflections in our eyes called ‘catchlights’; you’re aiming for this level of light, not harsh glaring light that makes you squint.⠀⠀
3. Hold the phone slightly above eye level. No one ever looked attractive holding the phone under their chin.⠀⠀

Now stop moaning about hating selfies and go try it!⠀⠀