So, let’s say you’ve taken a photo that you’re really quite chuffed with. You got really creative, maybe even followed some of my advice, maybe the stars aligned and perhaps the angels sang out from the heavens. And then, boom! – the photo you had imagined in your head, turned out exactly how you had imagined it.

So now you have an image which you feel is worthy of posting on your Instagram feed. But wait! why not take this great photo of yours and make it into something really ‘wow’?!

My simple tip for you today is to download a photo editing app & play around with giving your images a little extra boost. I like to recommend only those apps which i have used extensively & really love.

So, my recommendation for you is that you download an app called PicTapGo. Yes, you have to pay for it (I can’t remember what i paid, maybe $3?) but the beauty of this paid app is that once i paid for it, that was it. I have full access to all of the features & there’s nothing else to ‘unlock’

I think i must have been using it for over 10 years now. Every so often I try others, but IMHO nothing compares to the ease & functionality of PicTapGo.



I have made my own ‘recipes’ for filters & the app has a feature where it stores my most popular ones & makes these easily available to me. I can really quickly edit the brightness & sharpness of my images, convert them to a beautiful black and white or add a slight boost of saturation.

The key with these editing apps is not to go overboard – don’t over saturate, don’t make it too bright, don’t sharpen it too much. Remember that your image is already pretty damn awesome, you don’t need a lot more. Think of it as like putting light make up on an already lovely face.

(Apologies if you’ve never used make up, you’ll just have to trust me on this one…)