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Look, I’m not trying to put myself out of business, believe me.
But I am also realistic. My clients book in with me for personal branding shoots with my professional eye, equipment & expertise, but I can’t follow them around all the time (that would be creepy..and a little impractical).

But you know who IS with you ALL the time?

Your cellphone!

You may need to update your blog or your website in a hurry; you may be at a conference or giving a talk or a workshop & need to make a post to social media on the spot. Not everything can be planned, sometimes you need to shoot spontaneous images of what you are doing RIGHT NOW.

And I want you to do it right! I want you to take shiny, beautiful, genius kick-ass photos that reflect your shiny, beautiful, genius kick-ass business.

It’s really not out of your reach; you do not have to suck at this for all eternity; you’re just missing some important pieces of the puzzle.

***And here’s your key to start putting your puzzle pieces together***

Sarah’s 6-Day Crash-Course

A 6 day, clear & straightforward photography crash-course that costs just £47. (This is a taster of my full course I will be offering in the future at a higher price of £197.)

For £47, you get:

✔️ Daily videos with simply instructed assignments.
✔️A private FB group, with a warm community of people just like you who are there to learn & support each other.
✔️ Live Q&A sessions and photo feedback.

For £47, you learn the essential rules and tips (plus a few insider tricks) of:

✔️Selfie Taking
(and probably more, knowing me..)

This photography crash-course opens your eyes to where you have been going wrong, with simple explanations and examples that will help you to get it right.

And, as a bonus it is also a lot of FUN; being part of an online community, doing simple but effective homework assignments, watching your techniques improve and seeing your creativity thrive!

All for £47.

*After this round, I will be offering the full course at £197.


The person who brings the most friends to sign up for this crash-course, wins a spot in my full £197 course! All you have to do is make sure your friends mention your name when processing their PayPal payment.

(Any questions, just ask away in the comments below or send me a private message & I’ll get back to you ASAP.)

I’m excited for you to jump in, get going & start posting shiny, genius photos!


Are you ready?
I thought so!
Go grab a spot and let’s get moving!


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