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{TL;DR Version: Top Shots: Photo Coaching with Sarah http://bit.ly/TopShots}

Some people think I have superpowers (I know, I found that really amusing too)

And I was day-dreaming about how cool it would be if I could teleport and always be around to help my clients by keeping their photo database up to date.

I schedule personal branding photo sessions in the UK once every quarter, which are totally & utterly awesome. The thing is, very often my clients need something extra in between sessions. For example, maybe you are going to an event/running an event/drinking the perfect oat-latte/working with a client/petting llamas at the zoo and I just cant be with you to document your day.

But what I can do , and what i very often find myself doing, is to walk you through the process you need to follow & the techniques you can use when it comes to taking story-telling photos for your business.

And guess what? This is something that I love doing & I WANT TO DO MORE OF!!

I love teaching what I have learned over the years & I get a massive kick out of seeing people learn new skills and improve!
I can be pretty shy when I have to stand up and speak to a crowd, but ask me to talk about photography and I am on a roll and will most probably keep going until i am politely asked to leave.

Where am i going with all of this? Good point

So, like I said, I cant be there all the time & perhaps you cant budget for 4 photo sessions per year. Mapping out your plan for social media posts aint easy at all and figuring out how you are going to convey your messages through images is a tough one. Where on earth do you begin?

I see so many people posting images that they have taken themselves and I just want to get on the phone with them & show them how they could have done it 1000 times better!

Well…..what if we did just that?!

Ok ok, I’m getting to the point now. Here’s the plan:

TOP SHOTS: Photo Coaching with Sarah!

I have been taking photos since I was a wee little girl, seeing my world through the viewfinder of whatever camera I could get my hands on. Add into the mix 12 years of professional photography under my belt & I can confidently tell you that I know quite a bit when it comes to great photography.


Each consultation with me will help you to:

✓Take photos that pack real punch
✓Give credibility to your social media posts
✓Tell your day-in-the-life/behind-the-scenes stories through images
✓Put an end to the ‘Spray & Pray’ method of shooting 100’s of images in the hope that 1 turns out well
✓Form a connection with your audience as they start to engage more with your posts & finally connect with you on a deeper level

As your coach, I can work with you on:

✓Learning to use whatever camera you have to the absolute max
✓Taking beautiful photos in just the right light, both indoors & outdoors
✓Setting up your own mini product studio
✓Creating your very own stock-photography for your instagram feed
✓What new equipment is worth investing in

… I’m thinking that would be something you could really use right now, amiright?

So today I am taking a deep breath & putting this out there OFFICIALLY into the World Wide Web and beyond. I’m a bit excited..

(Don’t worry, it won’t end in a 7)

These 1-hour *Zoom sessions will be priced at £78. But to celebrate this new launch, the price will be just £65 for the first 10 people who book a Zoom consultation.

For such a small financial investment the return for your business will be HUGE!

Here is your chance to get your teeth into taking photos that really compliment your posts; to benefit from my years of working & gathering knowledge, and to promote your own business in a way that you’ve never been able to before.

I want to help you to become a Visual Storyteller; to convey your message to your audience in a captivating manner.

If this sounds like a good idea to you (duh?!), leave me a comment, send me a message or jump in and grab the offer right now

*Zoom calls will be recorded so you can watch them back as many times as you want

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