What makes for a successful partnership when it comes to photo sessions? Who is the ‘ideal’ person that I dream of working with?

She’s 5ft 6, with blonde hair, green shoes, likes almond milk in her coffee and..


I’ll tell you…

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Someone who, despite their reservations & past experiences, can relax, go with the flow, trust me, and be open to ‘out of the box’ ideas and being spontaneous

I may just ask you to do things that seem a bit odd at the time (like lying on a yoga mat in a park on a grey, drizzly day or balancing a pencil on your top lip for no apparent reason or even standing on a zebra crossing in the middle of Columbus Circle)

I’m not saying that you are going to be in love with every single photo I send you; this isn’t Hollywood, this is real life. But it is in the midst of this creative flow that the really magical photos happen. Once we have that trust and connection and calm.

That’s why I only book 2 sessions max per day- I want to make sure we have the time to wait for a storm to pass, look around a little for the right coffee shop where there’s shade, the perfect plain white wall to take ‘cut out’ photos, the perfect shady alleyway that you can walk down to get some full-length shots, just the right spot where there is open shade so we get just enough light bouncing into your eyes but not too much that it’s making you squint.

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I will be back in London for the second week of July for more ‘Utterly-Unboring’ Branding Photo Sessions & I have minimal slots available (I only shoot for 3 days!)

I will be offering a special package to the first 3 clients who book a session with me & pay their deposits so if you are ready to take the plunge with me, click this link below & let’s plan your ‘Utterly-Unboring’ photo session!