Let’s clear a few things up, shall we?

Over the years of chatting with clients before their sessions, I have started to notice that almost everyone seems to approach their photo session with the same burning question:

“Is it just me or does everyone feel like this?”

(And no, I’m not talking about whether you feel that slicing your sandwiches into triangles makes them taste better. But we can definitely discuss that too. I have very strong feelings on the matter.)

No, It’s not about sandwich shapes. It’s about that question you ask yourself when you think about having a photo session – “Is it just me or does everyone feel ridiculously awkward about doing this?!”

I mean, you know on a practical level that you really need new, up to date photos so you can stand out in the eyes of your potential clients, but you are still convinced that you are unphotogenic/unattractive/out of shape/allergic to photos/awkward AF/insert relevant belief.

Your memories take you back to past occasions, don’t they? Times when you were made to have your photos taken (hello school days!) and you feel like you’d rather grate your own elbows than be manipulated into a ‘professional-looking’ pose wearing a fake smile and saying “cheese!”. Or maybe you look at the shots that family and friends have taken of you over the years and you really don’t feel the world deserves to suffer any more of those!

So, why bother getting some new images, when you know those photos will surely portray you as awkward & fake, rather than as the amazing human being you are?!

Well… it’s not just you! Most people feel that way!

Let me clear up a few things that might be troubling you. Right here, right now.

My role as your photographer is not to just turn up on the day, say ‘hi’, randomly point and click my camera at you while telling you to smile & say ‘cheese’ and then send you some awkward photos that at the very best, make you look like everyone else. Oh hells no!

I am here to help you feel comfortable enough to let your personality shine through in your photos. To help you see yourself as the ‘you’ that you are when you are relaxed and chatty and capture those moments that tell your story.

Together we will:
Dive into you, your business, and your clients, planning your session in a way that’s right for you, rather than following the uninspired herd.

Work through your questions, concerns and reservations ahead of time, so that you are fully confident and relaxed when we meet on the day. We will spend time talking about how you came to believe the stories you have told yourself about photo sessions, working on un-doing these beliefs, and planning out the new & much better stories you would like to tell about yourself instead!

Spend your photo session chatting like old friends about anything and everything so nothing makes you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. You know, just two buddies out for a natter and one just happens to have brought her camera…

Mix up the photos we take between the types of shots we had planned, plus a load of spontaneous shots, so that you have all your needs covered.
Squeal in delight as I walk you through your gallery after the event, because a) your photos are awesome and b) you get to keep them all. No choosing of 2-3 measly pictures from this photographer, you get everything I take. (Apart from any that just need to be deleted and never see the light of day.)

And when it comes to the day before your session, you may find yourself feeling a certain amount of shock, doubt, and fear, all rolled into one. You still know that this is something that you need & even want somewhere deep down. But the voices in your head are annoyingly persistent and quite mean, saying things like “what were you thinking?”, “Who are you to have a photoshoot?” or “this is going to be PAINFUL like last time”.

Just know that I will be there to gently (and virtually) hold your hand and remind you that this session will be a fun, relaxed, creative experience and that you will not be doing anything that makes you feel like a fool. Before you know it, the photo session is about to begin & you start to realise that the anticipation is actually worse than the real thing. We have planned everything in advance – your clothes, props, which shots you need, your location & the stories you want to tell during our session.

As the session goes on, you start to forget that I’m lifting my camera to my eye to capture that something special that I see in you. You actually realise that you have NOTHING to stress about here – your only real job is to make the decision to leave your worries on the doorstep and enjoy yourself. To trust me & engage with me. All the rest is up to me.

And then, as if by magic, you totally shock yourself by feeling comfortable, happy & ::gasp:: actually enjoying the session. I show you some shots from the back of my camera and you yell “Oh my goodness you’re amazing, I love them!!”, at which point my heart leaps out of my chest and does a triple backflip.

This is shortly followed by “What do you mean it’s over?! WHEN CAN WE DO THIS AGAIN?!” – another big favorite of mine.

Now here comes my most favourite part – sending you your gallery link. You receive the link to your photo gallery; you pause and open it. You sit for a while and really, truly look at yourself. At first it’s hard to get used to. You close the gallery. Then a few minutes later you go back in again. And slowly you realise how much you love what you see and how this has really changed the way that you view yourself. You realise that what started out as a thing on your to-do list that needed to be checked off, has become a precious & unexpected gift to yourself.

Closely following on the heels of this, is my other most favorite part – The feedback:

“You totally SAW me…”

“I really feel my true personality shines out from each individual photo”

“Sarah has a gift for really “seeing” her clients”

“Not only did she make me feel totally at ease but I actually enjoyed it, like really enjoyed it.”

“Sarah has an amazing ability to get shots of you looking your best even when you may be feeling your worst”

“She sent me the images she captured and for the first time, it didn’t feel like I was looking at someone else.
She captured ME.”

“I was in a totally crappy place and dreaded the shoot but you made it amazing and made me feel human”

“What I get to see, in these still photos, is a snapshot of what YOU see, without the internal noise.”

I offer a fun, relaxed & custom-tailored photography experience where you will finally change the way you see yourself and the world sees you.

I believe in honesty, empathy, kindness, patience, deep connections & attention to detail.

I believe in photos you can feel, in a spirit of fun & spontaneity, a sense of humour and plenty of gin & tonic with ice and lemon.

Closely following on the heels of this, is my other most favorite part – The feedback:

Can you really imagine wanting to do a photo session any other way??

No? Me neither.

Well now that we’ve cleared that up, there are a couple of options laid before you:

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Have a look below at how my other client felt about working with me…and then, if that’s clinched it for you, you are so very welcome to click here to book your slot for a chat. (Remember my chats are completely without obligation from either of us, we need to be a great fit or there is no point in us working together).

I hired Sarah for a branding photoshoot to help me get the pictures I needed for my new website and some social media posts. Working with Sarah was simple, and her questionnaire before-hand really helped me think through what I needed, so that we made the best use of the time. I found that even though it sounded like a short amount of time, it was more than enough to get everything I needed. Sarah sent me the pictures very quickly and I was delighted with all of them! I was concerned that I wouldn’t know what to do and would need a lot of direction, Sarah gave me clear instructions and very obviously knew what was going to work and what wasn’t. Money very well spent and I’d spend it again! Thanks Sarah!

Bridie Castiel of BeSocial Media

Getting professional photos felt as w*nky as I could get when it comes to entrepreneur life and so I was very unsure and uncomfortable about doing it.

That being said it felt like I needed the shots so I did it anyway and my god what a difference it has made.

It might sound weird but since I’ve had the photographs I feel more confident and also more like a “proper” business person.

Sarah made me feel comfortable being uncomfortable and was a true pleasure to work with, if you’re on the fence just get off it and get it done, you won’t regret it one bit.

Thanks so much for a wonderful day and an amazing set of photos I’ll be using EVERYWHERE. ♥️ 

Matthew Hughes of King of Video

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