Just because it’s obvious to us what it is that we do for a living, doesn’t mean that other people have quite grasped it yet. Many conversations nowadays go something like this:⠀

“Oh you’re Sarah Raanan the Photographer! {person makes clicking actions with forefingers}. I love your work!….But what is it exactly that you do? How do you run your sessions?”⠀

After this happened to me a LOT, I sat down and figured out a response {did I actually sit down? Not sure}⠀

So, this is it:⠀

I work with entrepreneurs & small business owners. My clients are independent people who are free-thinkers, innovators, rebels, out-of-the-box people who like to do things differently.⠀

They are also very often introverts, with quite the story about why it’s hard for them to show up in front of the camera. And mostly, there’s a lot of trust that I understand this and will go gently with them.⠀

My photo shoots are a fun, relaxed & custom-tailored experience where I (magically) manage to change the way my clients see & present themselves.⠀

I help them to build more connection and trust with their ideal clients and to feel more self empowerment and self love! As my client, I will encourage you to show up as YOU; to come as you are.⠀

You’ll wear your favorite clothes, your accessories, colors that suit you. We will incorporate props that you’ll bring from your house and pose you in ways that are natural for you and people will associate with you. That’s the important part; If you usually sit on a couch with your arms wrapped round your legs and your feet barefoot, I will not be asking you to sit in a wooden chair wearing high heels.If you live in jeans, guess what i’ll tell you to wear for your session?..

I’ll be heading back to London for more photo sessions at the beginning of September. So if this all sounds up your alley, book a call with me and let’s explore! https://calendly.com/s…/15-minute-work-with-me-consultation⠀